I have made a ton of bad decisions in my time and a few good ones.  But thanks to countless u-turns, literally, I finally made the best decision of my life.

This is all a very true story.  It was probably 20 years ago when my eyes started loosing their luster and it was years of battles with glasses and contacts to where it evolved to just "getting used to it."

Getting used to it though eventually meant countless u-turns as the years went by and the eyes worsened; by the time I saw my turn, it was too late.  Turn around.  Go back the other way.

"How did you miss that," echoed through my head.  Enough was enough

I guess being a bit stubborn has a lot to do with it but I finally gave in and looked into the Lasik procedure over a decade ago.  I kid you not, it is magic.  I had never heard of anything that sounded more dangerous for something so simple and easy to do.

Well, you don't want me doing your eyes, but I do know it's a piece of cake and you will be seeing better than you ever have.  It's truly amazing. I vividly recall a few hours after surgery looking out the window of my home and reading the street signs, two blocks away. Address on houses and mailboxes and even the license plate of a passing car.

And at this time of the year, what better gift to give, than the gift of near to or perfect eye-sight.  For yourself or someone in your family, gift or no gift, if you've been thinking about Lasik or know someone who is, check out our online radio auction going on right now.  It won't last long. In fact, bidding on this item, which right now is at half price, and a bunch more end this Thursday, October 17th. Quick click links are directly below and this kind of deal won't come along often.