It never fails that we complain that there is no snow and how we need the moisture and then when it hits, we are so over it. It's okay, its Colorado, it isn't suppose to be so cold so many days in a row and when it snows it's suppose to be gone by the next afternoon, right?!


Yes, puppies and kids look great in the snow, vehicles, not so much so as we head into a potential snow system rolling through the area please remember to be safe on the roads and if it gets bad, just stay home (and you have my permission if you have to stay home that you can sit on the couch and watch movies, you don't have to reorganize the pantry or start your spring cleaning)

Starting Friday night we could see a mixture of rain and snow and then for Saturday and Sunday Snow with highs in the lower 30's. We'll warm up a bit, maybe up to 50 by Tuesday afternoon, but back to rain and snow by Thursday.