I know it seems weird, I've been eating them my whole life too and never knew what this invention was really for, obviously they don't curve the 'whoopie' tendencies, but they sure are tasty, especially with a fresh banana. Now wonder what those other misguided inventions are?


  • The Slinky: meant to originally hold equipment on a Navy ship. When it failed and started walking away the idea for a children's toy was born and the Slinky became available in 1945
  • Coca-Cola: it was designed as a medical remedy to ease headaches. This failure led to a delicious cola that it still enjoyed today (with an ultra secret recipe)
  • Post-It Notes: Think of this, they were suppose to be some magic, sturdy adhesive, when quite the opposite occurred, the post-it note was born. Personally, I really like this misguided invention
  • Angry Chef Creates Potato Chips: Here is definitely a case where anger was a good thing as I LOVE potato chips. I guess in 1853 a customer kept sending his fried potatoes back to the kitchen saying they were too thick, the chef got mad and cut the potatoes really thin and sprinkled them with salt-hello potato chip
  • Play-doh: was suppose to be a wallpaper cleaner (not a carpet destroyer) :) kids started playing with the stuff in classrooms and home and a few years later the product was re-marketed as a children's play toy, if you will.
  • Champagne: really started out as just another bottle of wine but because of the weather something happened in the fermentation and champagne was born.
  • Feminine Pads: Used in World War I as dressing for soldiers wounds when the women discovered another use for them and in 1920 they began marketing the pads for women
  • Artificial Sweetener: Gross, was the result of the said scientist not washing his hands. in 1879, after a long day working with coal tar, the chemist went home for dinner with his wife (without) washing his hands began to eat and discovered everything tasted sweet and discovered it was from the saccharin on his hands.