27 people dead including 18 children and all we can hear is the ignorant comments from the unsympathetic and under educated.


I'm not sure what it is about some people, but when unheard of tragedy strikes America, in our hometown or to one of our neighbors, the random blaming begins. The harsh words the distractions from the real issues, it's insane.

When I was looking for more details on the story about a gunman opening fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut I was floored by the comment section. By and far the talks are against guns or for gun control. Others comment about the gunman and how he must have been another Prozac patient who should have been on pot. Some comments sent prayers and love to the family's and community. Where is the sensitivity, I must ask?

As a parent that has been robbed of two children five months ago, all I can do is cry for the family's that will never be whole again. Oh, they will "get over this" someday, but they will never be whole again. As a parent, I would softly blame everyone, but at the end of the moment, I am just full of sorrow. This may sound controversial or even hypocritical, but I am grateful that there are so many that don't get it, that there are so many seemingly unsympathetic people out there commenting about this situation. That tells me that the family's in Connecticut and myself are a rare breed of personally enduring tragedy and the loss of a child. But too I say, it can't take too much imagination to feel the pain of those who have lost. This incident should never have happened, these precious babies should be alive and those who witnessed such a horrible act at their ages should never have had to see such real life horror.

If you find yourself on a sight today where commenting is allowed, rather than blaming Prozac, pot, gun control etc... please first think of the people, the human being's that are full of grief and sorrow and pain and first let them know that we as a human race are here for them and offer love and prayers or thoughts.