As things return to normal for many people in Northern Colorado, it is hard to forget the images from just a few weeks ago showing massive devastation. In the aftermath of the storm, we have heard some pretty amazing stories from people around our community, talking about what took place. While there was a tremendous amount of destruction that took place, the flood has brought our community closer together. How do we know? Read these stories and see for yourself.

Brandi Miller, Facebook

We start off in Milliken, Colorado, one of the towns that was very hard hit by flood waters due to its close proximity to the South Platte River. For quite some time the town was surrounded by flood waters which left behind quite a mess. In the days following the flood, 9 year old Braden wanted to raise money for  his friends at school who had lost their homes. He decided to set up a breakfast burrito and drink stand a few blocks from his house in Milliken. After three and a half hours, he was able to raise $138.53 for those in need. The National Guard men and women who were helping to re-open the roads in town even came by and bought their lunch from him, emptying all of the change in their pockets.

Doug Conarroe, North 40 News

Our next story comes from the eastern edge of Greeley where the community rallied around Tommy Meyer and his family. You might have read our earlier story about the family's home falling into what was once their front yard, turned raging river by the flood waters. Luckily the company that Meyer worked for helped the family out in a huge way by offering them free housing and organizing a fundraiser the weekend following the flood. They reported back to us that the turnout was amazing with over $30,000 being raised to get the family back up on their feet again!

Local businesses have also played a big role in aiding with flood relief efforts. Home Depot and Walmart made sizable donations of product that were then distributed by two oil companies, Select Energy Services and Noble Energy. The companies are also taking care of displaced families by helping to find them alternative places to live. Select Energy Services really stepped up in other ways as well by purchasing a rescue boat for the City of Evans and working to collect all kinds of donation items for those in need.

While the cameras and constant news coverage are now a thing of the past, the work continues to rebuild. The local people and businesses of our area have showed tremendous resolve, reaching out to help one another. While this was a horrible disaster, the good inside of people shown through as a ray of hope for an even brighter future.