Sir Richard Branson is a lot of things but he may be the next Orville and Wilbur all rolled into one. He has about done it...commercial space flights; they've already done it.I remember hearing about Richard Branson years ago and his quest to make space travel a real possibility. Nonsense I would never happen. Well, it has.Twice actually with flights from Virgin Galactic all very successful as you can clearly see in the last test flight from September.

There are only 8 seats on this space ship and they aren't cheap. The first voyage will be comprised of two pilots, Sir Branson and his two children which leaves three seats. No one has a clue if they have been filled and if so, to whom. Their website says they are still taking applications and they have had 80 so far. Now you might think there would be a lot more but you need $250K to send in with your application. I wonder if you get beverage service on the flight?

FAA licensing has already been started and by the sounds of it, this will actually all be official and commercial space travel will begin in 2014. Sure, you're not going to the moon, but at 70,000+ feet above sea level, you'll get views only seen in pictures and movies.

The inaugural date has not been announced but it will be in 2014 says Branson. It will be heavily televised, as you could well imagine, so we won't miss a thing.  Anyhoo, check out the video below.  It's not some stupid simulation of what "might be" it's the actual test flight video from this past September.  AWESOME!