Comfy Couch replaces Table Talk, look for it as I talk about the thing's on our minds from time to time.

A friend recently asked "when do you know to be quiet"? Well it all depends, I said. What is the circumstance?

See when you are with someone and they need to talk or open up, it will be quite clear. But you have to be paying attention. I have seen this many times where one person is trying to talk, really talk and the other is simply going on and on about the color of the drapes in the room or the people at the other table or how darn good their coffee is. Life can get in the way if you aren't careful. Learn to read the signs, they are usually a lot more noticeable than you think.

When you need to know when to be quiet is usually a good sign that you should be. It would be great if everyone could just say what's on their mind without fear of being judged or sounding stupid, but that is just the way it is. Therefore we must learn to read people, that is if we really do care about understanding each other. If a friend who normally sticks to themselves or just nobs their head has suddenly started engaging themselves into the conversation or leaning into the conversation, sometimes without words, they're ready to talk. In most cases the issue at hand is important to them and won't take a lot of time, remember they aren't good at expressing themselves, so sit back and try to listen. If you can at all help it let them finish talking before interjecting and be aware of turning it back to you. It's okay to share a familiarity, but too much talk about you and your similar situation will only take away from them and possibly shut them down before they have told you what they need.

No you aren't responsible for knowing every thing all the time or even knowing when they need to talk some of the time, just be aware of them and they will somehow let you know it's time for you to be quiet.