I never had the honor of serving in the armed forces and defending our country but I take every opportunity I can to say thanks to those who have. Today (Sunday, May 27th) I get to say thanks from my heart and I am so honored.

I have been asked to be the keynote speaker for the memorial day service at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Greeley. The service will start at 2 and run for about 45-60 minutes. It is a great chance to come out and show your American pride. You can honor those who were willing to give all and those who did. I know that I am free to be a long-haired freak who plays on the radio each day because of the sacrifices these men and women made. I am forever grateful and am honored beyond words to have this chance.

I ask you to please come join me and hear me speak from the heart as I express my thanks, love and admiration to our men and women in uniform. Sunset Memorial Gardens is at 3400 west 28th street in Greeley. It is right on the corner or 35th ave and the 34 bypass. I hope to see you there today. God bless our soldiers and God bless America.