This is awesome and I wish her the best!

If you live in Colorado, you have probably heard Amelia Earhart on the radio or on tv doing updates. She started out up in the sky in SKY9 doing traffic and has a passion for the sky and flying. She is now going to pursue a life long dream and follow in the ways of her namesake. She is going to retrace the flight of Amelia Earhart around the world!

One year from now I will be completing, symbolically completing, and recreating Amelia Earhart's historic flight around the world. It's a dream that I've had since I was about 18-years-old."

I had the chance to meet Amelia back when I was in broadcasting school and noticed how strong of a passion she had for flying and her career and it inspired me to strive and find something to be passionate about in my life. I am full of excitement for her and wish her nothing but the best!