It's hard to imagine what it must be like when someone is the only one who lives in an accident.  Doesn't matter if there were two or 142. Or would it? Out of the 13 soul survivors of commercial airline crashes, 4 have come forward for the first time in a must see documentary.

The documentary scheduled for a world wide release this summer focuses on 4 people who were the lone survivors of major airline crashes.  Now decades later, these individuals are finally coming forward to share their stories.

  • George Lamson Jr./Galaxy Flight 203 (Reno NV) - George was only 17 when he was miraculously thrown clear and landed upright, still in his seat; 70 died. Twenty-six years later, he lives a few blocks from the accident site and still struggles with the emotional weight of his survival.
  • Jim Polehinke/Comair Flight 5191 (Lexington KY) - Jim was the co-pilot of Comair Flight 5191 when it crashed August 27th, 2006 killing 49.  Paralyzed by the accident, Jim didn't find out he was the sole survivor until waking from a coma. Jim's story is unique in that the NTSB found the cause of the crash was pilot error when they took off from the wrong runway.
  • Cecelia Cichan/Northwest Airlines Flight 255 (Romulus MI) - This amazing story  from 1987 features a 4 year old who survived what was at the time the second worst commercial aviation disaster. The crash killed 156 including her parents and brother. Officials cited pilot error for not having the flaps set properly for takeoff.
  • Bahia Bakari/Yemenia Flight 626 (Indian Ocean) - Bahia was only 12 when the plane she was on went down into the ocean killing 152.  She was found by local fishermen hanging onto wreckage after floating for thirteen (13) hours. Minimal bodies were recovered and the cause is still unknown.