CDOT unveiled TV ads yesterday in an effort to stopped stoned driving.  The 'Drive High, Get a DUI' campaign comes with a million dollar price tag.

While the ads are amusing, they feature the stereotypes we've all seen 'overacted' in movies and on Saturday Night Live. Seriously, if these characters do anything, it's to ridicule medical marijuana patients and responsible pot smokers, not to mention us aging baby boomers who have daily memory lapses in basics like:

'Where DID the car keys go', 'I had that grocery list a minute ago', and my favorite, 'What was I saying?'

I was reminded of how often I drive below the speed limit. Marijuana can cause slowed reaction time.  Sometimes my ‘pokiness’ is due to road or weather conditions or it’s dark on my way to work, or most often, I’m just a little old gray haired lady doing my best to get where I’m going, safely.  I stay on the back roads whenever possible, but can I now expect to be pulled over by a cop who suspects I’m too stoned to drive?Read More: Too Stoned to Drive Bill Passes First Hurdle in State Legislature |

It’s the state's first effort since marijuana was legalized in 2012 to remind drivers that pot should be treated like alcohol and not used before driving. I'd like to hear what you think in the comments below.

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