Every town has a name for what the people who live there are called. We are all Coloradoans but we can break that down even further with individual town names. If you are from Greeley you are a Greeleyite. What are the other cities residents called?

I don't know if these are accurate but it is what I am going with. We have the Aultoids from Ault. The Nunnions from Nunn. LaPorte is home to the LaPortions. The town of Mead is filled with Meadeorites. Gill is full of Gillbillies and we all know of the Welltonians from Wellington. I know Todd is a proud Fort Collinder and we have great respect for our Longmonsters from Longmont. We also love heading up to Cheyenne for Frontier Days to hang out with the Cheynese.

I am sure I have missed a few. What are you called?