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A Colorado newsman showed up on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" Monday night. A clip of 7News' Jayson Luber talking about a Japanese company that will take your stuffed animals on vacations made the comedy show.

Thankfully, Colbert was taking stabs at the vacation company and not at anything Luber said or did.

Luber's clip from his 'Hot on the Web' was played in Colbert's segment titled 'Lifetime of Furfillment.'

It's always kind of fun to see local people show up on programs like this. I mean, how many other local newscasters can say, "I've been on the Colbert Report?"

Jayson Luber is 7News' traffic expert and has been with them since 2006.

If the idea of sending your stuffed animals sounds interesting you can see pictures of other stuffed pals on vacation on the Unagi Travel Facebook page.

I'm pretty sure I'd rather save up and go an vacation myself than fork out cash to send Mr. Fluffy around the world without me.