Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump will be in Colorado tomorrow for a campaign stop and Colorado Liberal groups plan on protesting by building a wall.

Getty Images, Darren McCollester

I mean... What better way to protest one of the key running topics of Trump's campaign of constructing a wall on the southern border of the United States than building a wall? Seems logical right?

That is exactly what some Colorado liberal groups plan on doing tomorrow. The protest will showcase a nine foot high, 30 foot long wall at downtown's Civic Center Park. The wall, will serve as a visual protest as Trump is set to speak at the Western Conservative Summit on Friday morning.

Let's just hope that this is a peaceful protest... Unlike many of the other protests that have happened across the country where Trump has spoken. I would hate to see Colorado be all over the news tomorrow night because people can't seem to keep their cool while voicing their opinion.


Source: Coloradoan