Honestly, it's only fair that Marijuana blood-level driving limits in Colorado be debated but wouldn't that imply officials are saying then it should be legal and regulated like alcohol? Interesting debate ahead, seatbelts required.

"Drugged" driving is already illegal in Colorado but this new bill being debated would set a state "standard." Although Colorado lawmakers have failed three times on agreeing to a blood limit standard for Cannabis users, it hasn't stopped them from trying as they try for the fourth time today in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

The proposal would set a marijuana level of 5 Nanograms of CBD's per milliliter of blood (Washington state already has a 5 nanogram driving limit) but activists who have successfully derailed earlier driving-high bills insist the fight isn’t over.

I personally think if alcohol is legal but has it's own set of rules then so should marijuana. Here's the deal.  Just like many people don't like marijuana, many don't like alcohol so they choose not to drink. What's the difference? If someone wants to smoke a joint in their home, no one has the right to tell them not to just like I don't have to accept the chronic drunk who lives on scotch and water.

What happens is most people think with their hearts and rush to comments which they carry on their sleeves. Scientific facts will actually show and prove that between alcohol, marijuana and nicotine, marijuana is the safer mode (by far) of transportation for those who want to "take a trip but never have to leave the farm."

It's 2013!  Make them all illegal or call a fair game.