It's been a year and another great weekend in Topeka Kansas has come and gone.  Oh sure, Topeka isn't a vacation mecca but if you love old glory, our great country and doing right by the 1st Amendment then it's a paradise.

My 12 year old son Cade and I rode out this past Friday morning representing Colorado 1 {600 miles one way} and it was actually one of the nicer trips out that way. Overcast skies and hoodie weather the entire way. The trip home was a bit different.  In fact, if you don't ride, hold a good blow dryer set on high in front of your face for 10 hours and you'll have an idea of what that ride is like.

We got checked in, met a member of the Oklahoma 1 team for dinner and then hit the pool with a cup of coffee, some beer and a plan for Saturday. {Make sure you girlfriend doesn't see said coffee/beer or she might report you for bringing beverages into said pool area.  'Rules are Rules.'}

I will probably catch some grief for that last comment but she probably won't see this story anyway.  Love you honey.  {Just in case}

We arose Saturday morning and headed to Gage park to meet Oklahoma 1 after breakfast and were soon joined by Sean Ehrman the TL for Kansas 3 and his family. The horns blared all day and after about 5 hours on the corner it was time for lunch at Skinny's with Kansas 3 and some cold beverages.  We parted ways with Kansas 3 and headed back to the hotel for some pool time and more flag waving fun that evening.

Sunday was  repeat minus Oklahoma 1 but late in the morning 4 members of Iowa 2 were on board with flags in hand: TL Justin Kelly and his wife Brenda and Dennis Bissen and his girlfriend Bonnie.  We waved flags, greeted people and even found a few new TL's to head potential teams in Topeka.  Mike "Papa Grizz" Smoot, Bob Wickham and Rachael Ray leading Topeka 1, Topeka 2 and Topeka 3 with a potential 4th team looming on the horizon.

The plan for Sunday afternoon was the Gage water park but it was closed bumming me out the most so we headed back to the pool and rested up for compound duty that evening.  We hit the wbc compound about 6:30pm so they could take pictures of our vehicle plates {I love when they do that} and of course wave some flags.

All in all it was a fantastic experience once again but especially for me to see my children in Topeka waving flags and Cade was pretty vocal about it at Gage park and at their compound.  He was not afraid of them at all and made sure to tell them that to their cameras on several occasions and that God LOVES...he does not hate.

Pretty proud of that!

What a difference a year makes.  Chances are highly likely the pig vomit of the westboro baptist church just slept in but in all honesty, we didn't see the vermin all weekend anywhere nor did I find them anywhere in April.  I even rode around early Sunday morning for about a half hour looking for them at all the churches I knew of and nothing.   2 trips in a row without a sighting...

Sure there were more of them a year ago on the corner at 10th and Gage then J4J members on that same corner this year but as long as their number is 0 and ours is at least 1 then all is not lost.  Fighting evil is a full time job and it's never been more fun.

We'd love to see you form a team and take one trip a  year to help a great cause.  It's been a year and no one has been to jail so those of you who are still intimidated by these scoundrel bullies need not worry.  There is nothing they can do about us and what we do and they know it and they know we know it. What we are doing in J4J is working and more locals are coming out as is evidence of this past weekend.  Our attorney is keeping the heat on the TPD and we are also about to do the same to Kansas Social Services to make them do their job as well.

If you know nothing about Journey 4 Justice read the story that got it all started and then visit our official website and give us a like on FB while your at it.  Also, if you type in 'westboro' into the search bar on the front page you will find a ton of great stories and pics from the last year.