Have you told the city what they should do with College Avenue in Fort Collins? They have a website set up so you can help them turn it into a "world class" street.

Map of Midtown Google Maps

The city of Fort Collins is giving you the chance to shape, mold and change the 50-year-old design of College Avenue.

College Avenue is the most traveled thoroughfare in Fort Collins. The city is addressing the needs of this sorely outdated roadway and working hand in hand with the Colorado Department of Transportation to transform it. The city will concentrate its efforts to improving and updating College Avenue, between Prospect and Harmony roads. The plan will include changes to frontage roads along the path, as well as the connections to the MAX stations.

Looking at and updating College Avenue is phase two of the Midtown Plan, Midtown in Motion. The overall goal would be to increase mobility and safety for all who travel this roadway. And your input is vital to the plan, chime in now and let the city know how to improve College Avenue.