Wow!  What a trip.  Those of you who know me know that I log a lot of miles on two wheels and have ridden through every scenario possible, with the exception of yesterday which was a first for me and hands down the hardest ride I have ever done.


I mentioned this fact on more than one occasion to my riding my partners and best friends Brian Gary and Danny Joe Mishoe II.  I'm sure they thought I was just telling this to make them feel better but the truth of the matter is it truly was the most intense, brutal ride I have done.


We started our 'journey' home Sunday morning by meeting Team Topeka at 8:30AM at one of the local churches the wet burro scumbags picket.  Team Topeka is comprised of some of the most amazing individuals you will ever meet:  Sonya, Richard, Nanny, Becky, Ward, Al, Naomi, Michelle, Randy and Brenda are the most dedicated and passionate people I know.  Many in this gr0up have literally been on the streets of Topeka every single weekend and weekdays for 41 [and counting] weeks! Count 'em...

The plan was to meet at Holy Name and shield parishioners as they entered an actual 'church' for their Sunday services and I wanted CO4 too see these putrid people as they had not yet had a personal encounter with this vile cult!  But alas, the pig vomit were no where to be found on the corners of Holy Name Sunday morning and we had a long ride ahead of us so we had to say our goodbyes and utilize I-70 West!

No one knew what was in store; including myself!

It was very ironic now that I look back that Sunday morning there at the church was beautiful. I don't even recall a slight breeze to be honest.  Then we hit I-70.

Before we had even left city limits winds started to blow that even had grounded all the birds and the ones we did see were flying backwards or holding in a nice hover.

And it only got worse!  Oh man did it...all the way to Burlington CO.

It was a solid 450+ miles of 50-70mph headwinds and crosswinds that would have grounded many experienced riders but we pushed on taking breaks at frequent intervals of no more than about 50 miles all the way into Burlington CO where we traded the harsh winds with frigid road temps of 35-39 degrees.

I think we even spotted a few airborne cattle and trucks along the way but I'm not sure and we also found it extremely ironic that the one thing we feared the most late Sunday never happened and that was all the rain and snow we were supposed to be in on the way home. Not one drop so it could have been much worse so that was the silver lining to our road cloud!

All in all it was a very emotional trip for us all both out, during and back.  You will hear many stories from Brian this week and myself as well as there are so many things we want to share about the experience so we hope to not bore you to tears but rather inspire you to perhaps form your own team and show Topeka that the 1st Amendment is not dead and that it's OK to not let a 'church' bully you and that you have more rights than they do when it comes to freedom of speech.

You can go stand in their picket lines and do all the things they want you to do or you can do what they don't want you to do and that is become a member of Journey 4 Justice.

On the way tomorrow:  A better look at Team Topeka!

Coming up on Wednesday: An inside look at the 2012 National Rally Site