Gang-- I am totally geared up for K99's show next Saturday night!

We have the legend Clint Black- and that great new guy- Josh Kelley!

Read on for ticket info and videos- I found a GREAT video featuring a Clint Black song!

Saturday June 25th- K99 and Carl's Jr. present Clint Black and Josh Kelley at The Greeley Stampede!

It's hard to believe that the summer is just flying by the way it is- you do not want to miss K99's night showcasing wthat Country music is today:

Honoring the legends while spotlighting the newcomers!

I really look forward to hearing Josh Kelley's show- "Georgia Clay" is a great song, but I haven't heard anything else yet- but as the older brother of Charles Kelley (from Lady A)- I'm certain he is just going to be great.

Josh Kelley will be a great primer for K99's headliner that night- Clint Black.

I'm 44. I state that to say that I have heard and enjoyed virtually everything Clint Black did in his heyday. He always had that laid back "I'm not really in it for the money" kind of feel.

I could sit and list my favorites for at least ten minutes- do you remember "One Emotion"? I loved that song! I couldn't find that video though- bummer.

However, I did find a video featuring his song: "Life Gets Away" - another great one.

Here's the video I found- which features another classic- the TV show "Friends"


And BEFORE Clint Black next Saturday- K99 and Carl's Jr. present Josh Kelley!  Here's "Georgia Clay"!