If you believe in renewable energy you'll really like this. Loveland has finished a
solar power project on 19 acres of Meadowbrook Ridge on the city's western edge. It will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of 574 Colorado homes.

The Foothills Solar and Substation project is the first electric generating facility in the U.S. to get approval through FEMA. This replaces the Idylwilde hydroelectric facility, which was damaged during the flood of 2013.

Loveland was given about $9 million in funding to build the Foothills Solar and Substation project. The solar facility is currently operational, but the full scope is expected to reach completion in the spring of 2017.

"... cost-effective and clean renewable energy for Loveland ratepayers,” said Dave Vorlage, CEO at Namasté Solar which designed and build the project. “The City’s decision to upgrade to solar more than triples the power output of the former Idylwilde Dam."

Source: City of Loveland Press Release