You won't be able to buy or shoot off fireworks in Loveland this 4th of July.  Loveland’s City Council passed a ban on both the sale and use of normally-permissible personal fireworks within the city. The ban will continue until the governor’s executive order banning fireworks is called off.

The sale of fireworks that do not explode or leave the ground is normally allowed in Loveland by vendors who apply for a special permit and undergo a safety inspection by the Loveland’s fire department safety personnel. The permit fee is $1,500 and allows retail sale from June 15 through July 4th.

This year, a total of ten vendors submitted permit applications and fees, with one vendor setting up shop, receiving the safety inspection and opening for business on June 20. That vendor’s operation will cease immediately and like all the other vendors who applied for permits, will receive a full refund for the permit fees submitted.