The Hewlett Fire northwest of Fort Collins has grown to approach Greeley’s Milton Seaman Reservoir.  The Forest Service has evacuated city buildings, including the home of the reservoir caretakers there. The Milton Seaman Reservoir provides water for the City of Greeley and there is potential for the water supply to be affected. 

Ash and sediment runoff into the Poudre River could compromise the City’s water quality, both during and after the wildfire.  At this time, Greeley’s water supply is not affected.  To avoid any impacts to drinking water quality for Greeley residents, the City has the ability to close the Poudre River intakes and draw water from Horsetooth Reservoir.  Residents will notice no change in water quality.

“We have planned for situations like this.  Because we have multiple water sources, we have alternatives when one or more sources are threatened,” said Jon Monson, Director of Water and Sewer for Greeley.

Greeley is cooperating with the Forest Service, allowing them to draw water from Milton Seaman Reservoir to try to control the fire.  The amount of water is relatively small and does not compromise Greeley’s water supply.  “We are glad to help,” Monson added.

Impacts on Greeley’s Water Quality

The extent of impacts to water quality are not known at this time.  Sooty water affects quality, so if residents notice any change in the smell or appearance of their water, you can call the City of Greeley Water Department at 970-350-9811.