Every spring you head to the yard and stand there staring at the possibilities, you may think about the flowers or the plants you might put into your yard. Often times you think about Xeriscaping and how cool it would be. Xeriscaping cuts down on water, minimizes yard maintenance and adds value to your home.

Fort Collins Xeriscape iStock

Hope on the path with Xeriscaping and the City of Fort Collins. Xeriscape is not just one idea or one look but it does create a healthy looking yard and reduces the amount of water used.

Fort Collins Utilities is offering you a chance to get help with your Xeriscape Design through an assistance program. The program will include a 1 1/2 hour consultation with a design professional for $50 which will result in a fully designed yard that will be landscaper reader. If you go with the consultation you'll get a rebate of .50 cents per square foot, up to $500 with a minimum of 100 square feet. All you need to do is get the plan approved before you begin to get the rebate. Call 970-221-6700 for complete details.

Happy Planting!!!!