It's time once again for one of the Good Morning Guys favorite traditions - Chubby Bunny. That's where you shove bunny-shaped marshmallow peeps into your mouth one-at-a-time and say "Chubby Bunny" after each sugary treat is securely in place. The person who can stuff the most candy rabbits into their mouth, without chewing or swallowing, and still utter those magical words, is the winner. This year it's Todd vs Susan on Friday morning (Good Friday).

It's a rematch of the epic battle between the two morning show co-hosts that occurred most recently in 2011, when Susan was declared the winner on a technicality. Todd accidentally spit his bunnies in Susan's hair. Brian then declared Susan the Champion, despite the fact that both had successfully stuffed 13 Bunnies into their mouth and both still uttered a sound, although it may not have been "Chubby Bunny"!

However, after further review of the footage, it is clear that Susan cheated as she was chewing and swallowing the peeps every time Todd looked away. She obviously should have been disqualified. Don't believe it? Watch the video yourself: