It's become an annual Easter tradition at K99 -  Chubby Bunny! Every year I shove as many marshmallow Peeps as I can into my mouth, while still being able to say "Chubby Bunny".  This year we have video and audio of the event.

Usually I have a competitor. Last year I took on Susan Moore. She still claims she won, but video evidence clearly shows that she cheated. This year Susan refused to take part in Chubby Bunny, claiming that I spit my bunnies in her hair last year.

This year I took on Shawn Patrick, who you have heard on weekends on K99 and he has also filled in for Brian and me when we have been on vacation.  It was young vs old.  Yes, I am getting old. This year's competition went right down to the wire.  Here is how it sounded on the radio:

Chubby Bunny Audio

Drew Bankston from Star Painter Productions was also there with his video camera to capture the action.

You could also hire Drew for any of your video production needs.  Check out Star Painter Productions Facebook Page.