It can be difficult finding a gift that speaks to the hard to shop for on your list, but if you get creative, you are bound to hit a home run. Check out these unique gift baskets.

Christmas Gift Basket for the Hard to Shop for thinkStock


  • For the Movie Lover: A Cinema gift card, a box of milk duds, small pack of microwave popcorn, a six-pack of their favorite soda or water and a classic movie.
  • For the Foodie in the Group: A gift card tree for their favorite restaurants in town. You don't have to flip the entire bill for each place, a good rule of thumb would be the value of an appetizer, you could round up to $10. Depending on your budget you could do 3-5 restaurants.
  • For the Cook on your List: This is a fun basket and don't think that you have to get crazy wild on what you get, a cook needs everyday things more than the exotic things. A set of rubber spatulas, a couple of spice jars, wooden spoons, a splash guard etc. For fun, throw in a year long subscription  to a food magazine or get a cookbook from one of their favorite celebrity chefs.
  • For the Geek: Anything on websites Newegg, ThinkGeek or dudeiwantthat
  • For the Awesome Teacher: Instead of an apple magnet or an apple pen how about a basket filled with enough apples for a pie, an apple pie recipe and pie crust mix. (hint: your basket could be a pie plate)
  • For the 'I don't like anything' folks: Think smiles! Load a basket with things like an affirmation button (they do exist) one that chimes and says you're awesome, a bag of candy from a candy store and a whoopee cushion.

If one of these have not struck a cord, hopefully you have been inspired to get creative.

Merry Christmas!!!!