It was ten years ago this Christmas that Tom Hanks starred in the blockbuster "Cast Away".  A wonderful film by any standard; but I'll tell you why I think it's a film that can get you through those Christmas blues.

Tom Hanks starred as Chuck Noland.. Stranded alone (not counting Wilson) on that island for FOUR YEARS!  Then Helen Hunt- she's remarried! Ouch! That kind of film can get anybody down.

BUT- There's a whole lot of hope in that flick.

If only for one simple reason: The port-a-potty.


Think about it- if he hadn't hung in there -had hope- he never would have gotten off that island alive.

That port-a-potty washing up on shore- saved his life!

He makes a sail, sails out, gets rescued and then probably ends up with the girl he delivers that last package to at the end --(Country singer Lari White by the way).

I'll tell friends who are down, or going through a rough patch all the time-

"You just never know when that port-a-potty is going to wash up.. Hang in there!"

Then they kick me in the shin. But hey, I try.

Did you like Cast Away? What movie are you looking forward to this weekend/Christmas?

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Merry Christmas Chuck!

& Merry Christmas to YOU!