It's never easy deciding what to buy the ladies in your life. If she asks for an elliptical should you get it or is it a test to see if you think she's fat? If she asks for a vacuum is she really seeing if you think she is a good housekeeper? And what about kitchen appliances, what is she trying to confirm by asking for a food processor? The answers are revealed.


Here's a little known secret about a woman, when it comes to gifts, we pretty much tell the truth. If we say we want a vacuum, we really want a vacuum. Should she say she wants an elliptical, it has nothing to do with you, she really wants one. With that said, it is also true that we will rarely be honest about intimate gifts such as jewelry. For some reason in some unknown lesson for all women it just isn't right to ask for a diamond tennis bracelet or anything that sparkles. We aren't comfortable asking for these items and its not the price, as you know a good vacuum could easily cover the price of a nice bracelet.

So now we move on to the top 5 items on her 'spoken' list, oh shoot, I might even through in one she would love but would never put on her list.

The great thing about this gift is its versatility and uniqueness to the woman on your list. There are many great clubs and commitment tiers. Wait, did I lose you with the "commitment" word? All I mean is that with these clubs you can sign up for as little as three months. A wine, cheese or chocolate club is a perfect gift that comes to the door every month. A Christmas gift that lingers, in a good way. Current promotions on some of these clubs are under a hundred for three months of goodies and free shipping all three months.

How cool would this gift be? You send in a favorite photo of the two of you, your children, the dog or the entire family and it will be transformed into a one of a kind pencil drawing. The pencil sketches are so on target and create a personal gift no one else will have. She will be delighted with your creative gift choice and will likely make you your favorite dinner all year. Okay, the last part I am just making up, but it is a really cool gift that she would surely love.

Kitchen gadgets are great gifts, but if she doesn't cook you could just be telling her she should. This is completely a common sense gift. If she has never made her own pasta nor has ever mentioned how cool it would be the likeliness of her being appreciative of a pasta maker is very low. But who wouldn't like a new instant read meat thermometer, a spring form pan, mandolin or a micro-planer? Another key to finding the right kitchen gadget(s) is to think of things that she has mentioned or pointed out. Women do love gadgets, standing mixers and fancy pans, but are too economical to purchase them for themselves.

For one reason or another a purse mirror comes in handy. Make it shiny, compact and personalized and you have a winner. It's a little bit pretty, a little utilitarian and a whole lot of special. It's like a pocket watch for a guy, they're cool, you like them and its nice to have one.

#1 A Get-A-Way!

You would be amazed at how special a woman feels when you say, I want to get away with just you. As a couple, you've talked about it numerous times and have rarely done it. There are no limits to where you go and what you do, your imagination can guide you. But before you start stressing yourself out about a big expensive trip somewhere, think about this. My James arranges these get-a- ways exquisitely.  He typically arranges a massage say in old town then sets up a room at the Armstrong Hotel, we check in, stroll around old town and have a great dinner together. Later we will likely be found enjoying a coffee and white chocolate bread pudding just around the corner. It doesn't take a lot to get a way and you don't have to go far. The best thing about getting a way is the time you spend together, without the rest of the world budding in.