One of the most universal Christmas memories would be Pictures with Santa. Everyone has one somewhere and whenever you pull it out someone gets embarrassed and most others laugh till they need adult diapers. Show us your funniest, worst and most precious Santa pictures.

Christmas Worst Pictures with Santa Chelsea FB

Whether your picture is perfect or not... whether some laugh or not... it's all in good fun with memories that will last a lifetime.

I am quite fond of this little Santa freaker as this is Ashton, the boy who bears the combo name of my Angels Ashley and Colton. His mama was one of Ashley's best friends and they were to tell me about this little bundle brewing when Ashley returned from her summer vacation, well, we all know they never came back, but I am honored that Ashton's mom decided to keep their memory alive forever with this beautifully energetic, constantly moving little man.

Share you pictures on Facebook and let's laugh, cry or say to ourselves "oh, man!"

Merry Christmas!!!!!