Hard to imagine a firefighter being arrested while working a rollover accident but that is exactly what happened to Engineer Jacob Gregoire last night.

Jacob Gregoire was doing what he has been doing for the past 12 years; saving lives around the Chula Vista California area!  Around 9:00 PM last night, Gregoire and his fellow firefighters were dispatched to a bad rollover accident in California.  Upon arriving on the scene they did what they are trained to do.  Secure the accident and start administering live saving techniques and to extricate bodies for transport.

Shortly after, a CHP officer showed up on scene and told the Engineer to move the firetruck from the center median.  The firefighter refused to so and immediately went back to helping the victims.  The CHP officer didn't like being ignored so he arrested Gregoire immediately and put him in the back of his cruiser, handcuffed.

After about a half hour, the firefighter was released and that's where we're at.  The Chula Vista fire department has released a statement (they aren't happy) and still nothing from the CHP on their take. Seems to me this officer should have let the firefighters do their job and then if it really was that big of a deal, CHP could have brought it up after the fact.  CHP does have jurisdiction but it's rare that any law enforcement agency would flex these kind of muscles...and why would you?

Sound off...was the CHP officer in the right or should he be reprimanded for possibly putting the lives of the crash victims in jeopardy?