It's pretty simple:  Two of Country music's heavy hitters in a hanger.

Rockin' it.

Check out the new video for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw's "Feel Like a Rockstar" and tell us what you think!

Kenny Chesney's 'Welcome to the Fishbowl' CD comes out June 19th.  The first single from the album is his duet with fellow Country hunk Tim McGraw- 'Feel Like a Rockstar'.  The gameplan for the video seems to have been pretty simple:  Less is More.  "We'll just get the guys together, they'll sing it, we'll film it, and they'll be on their way."  But it DOES rock!

Check it out!

The whole time I was wondering- "Who's going to get off that jet?"  Duh. They get ON the jet.

Did you ever see my Halloween costume when I dressed up AS Kenny Chesney?

 Pretty awesome, right?
When I want to "Feel like a rockstar"- I put on my Hurley:
What do YOU do to feel like a rockstar?