I work with an amazing group of people, including the employees of our three sister stations. All of the stations are under the same roof at 600 Main Street in Windsor. Since there are so many of us sharing a relatively small space, we often work side-by-side...literally. Very often the person to my right is Shelby Taylor-Thorn. She is the mid-day personality on 94.3 The X. She is like a sister. I pick on her and she picks back. Fairly recently I was contacted by Shelby's real brother, Matt about a prank he wanted to pull on his little sister. Matt's Facebook message to me is below:

Matt Taylor-Thorn, Facebook

I was more than happy to help Matt with this task. I agreed to let him in the building before Shelby arrived at work, so he could hang the unsightly painting over her computer. I enlisted the help of our Digital Managing Editor, Madi, to film the shenanigans. See how it all went down in this YouTube video: