I wanted to share a video piece I shared earlier this week from one of our members from Journey 4 Justice:  Kansas 1 Team Leader {TL} Al Smeal.  Al is one of our most valued members and has made MANY trips to Topeka to wave his State flag on the corner of Topeka and to pay his respects in the Journey 4 Justice way at the wbc compound.  {Yes, they still HATE us…isn’t it great!}

Before you listen/watch the video I wanted to share a personal note from Al on why he does what he does for Journey 4 Justice.

Just a couple of days before I read the article about your ride to Topeka I was made aware that the cult had gone to a funeral at Arlington Cemetery.  This was the day after Rolling Thunder and I assumed that one of the many groups riding in rolling thunder would take care of them. I did no further research and I did nothing. I discovered later that there was no one there to counter these despicable people besides the caretakers of the cemetery.

Those people use the deaths of American soldiers and the grief of their families as a tool for their own ends. They glory in the death of our fallen hero’s because they believe the celebration is offensive in it’s own right. Their actions are offensive and they have called me to action. As an Army veteran, I stepped onto the streets of Topeka waving my flag and exercising my right to freedom of speech in their hometown, on their doorstep.  I was joined by fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children of fallen soldiers and even those who have no military ties at all and just feel that they are wrong.  Each weekend we stand proudly together and honor our flag, our country, and those who gave all to offer us, and sadly them, the right to stand on the streets of Topeka. The courage and dedication of my team brings me pride as we continue to face their hatred and stifle our disgust of their vile messages each week. Teams from around the nation ride in to join the local teams and stand with the flag UPRIGHT so that the children passing by in cars can see something they can look at with pride, rather than being shielded by their mothers from the derogatory and hateful messages posted on the other group’s signs.

What I will say is this:  I am Team Leader of Kansas 1 and I stand with Team Topeka.  Other teams come in to stand with us but we are not separate. I am a member of Team America, as is every other person that stands on that corner with their flag.  Soldiers lay their lives on the line for the beliefs that made this country great.  Freedom of speech is the most sacred of freedoms.  I don’t want to stop the WBC from speaking their foul rhetoric but I and all the others want them to know that we will not sit down, standstill, or do nothing while they disrespect and dishonor our flag, our country, our fallen soldiers that gave them the right, the grieving families, or any other group they target.  We are the change we’ve been waiting for…

Well said Al and thanks for being a “True American.”