The Civil Rights Movement is now over 60 years old but I fear that "equal rights" have not been what many thought.  Equal Rights means just that.  So why do Black American's find it necessary to separate themselves from everyone else with things only they can do?

Let's get something straight right off the bat.  I don't have a racist bone in my body and I believe there is just as much, if not more, white trash in America than any other skin color. Good people come in all shapes, sizes and colors and so do bad people.


President Obama sitting in Rosa Parks seat

This country has an African American in the White House so the last 60 years have proved that the Black man/woman can truly do anything or any job they want.  So why do they keep segregating themselves.  For example, a black woman can enter the Miss American contest so why is there a Black Miss America contest?  Whites can't enter.  The NCAA has a Black Coaches Association.  Why?  Coaches are coaches are they not?  Why in the hell does skin color matter?

Can you image the ramifications of a White Only Coaches Association or if Trump wouldn't allow black women to compete in the Miss American contest.

Who is being racist?  I seriously am confused and I don't get it.  How does a black man or woman justify having Black Awareness Month but still make claims the white race is holding them back and that racism is still rampant.

What is racist about this list?

  • NCAA Black Coaches Association
  • Miss Black America
  • Black History Month
  • Black Police Association
  • Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
  • National Association of Black Journalists
  • National Bar Association National Society of Black Engineers
  • Organization of Black Airline Pilots
  • Organization of Black Designers
  • Single African American Fathers' Exchange

These groups/associations/organizations go on and on and on.

Here's my point:  The Civil Rights Movement was designed to give Blacks the same rights as Whites.  So they could eat in the same eateries, ride the same buses, work in the same buildings, hold the same jobs etc. Again, President Obama has proved to the world that a Black man can hold the most important job in the world.

Why can't we all just get along.  Black and white coaches, black and white contestants, black and white period.  It's 2013 and we still have this color barrier. Why?

Why do we not have Native American Month or a Polish coaches association or maybe an Italian beauty contest that only Italians can enter.  I just don't get it.

The Civil Rights Movement was intended to give every man and woman equal rights; one in the same.  In my opinion, the Jesse Jackson's of the world do more harm to the Black race than anyone else.

If you want racism to truly end then stop the purposeful segregation.  I am a white male and I find it offensive that I can't join a black group but if I were to start a white only group I would be ostracized, mocked and called a racist.

I do want to see your thoughts on this below in the comments section but let's please be polite and civil while doing so.