I think we all have memories of our family gatherings and for some reason, Thanksgiving brings out the best or worst of everyone's family.  My most vivid memory though was of the meal itself, or lack thereof.

We were living in Colorado Springs at the time.  Can't remember how old I was but I am thinking around 8.

Keep in mind that in my house growing up there was always something cooking.  My Mom grew up on a farm in Indiana and has been cooking the family meal since she was about 12 so there is nothing my Mom can't cook and cook it well.  So it's safe to say that our house on Thanksgiving was always full of pleasant smells.

But this Thanksgiving was different from all the others, very different.

My Mom was sick as a dog that year and was NOT getting out of bed despite the pleas of my Father I'm sure.  So that night we ate McDonalds at home.  I will never forget that smell.

Author's Note:  Mom, if you're reading this, this is a testament to how good a cook you truly are.  I am now almost 50 and my biggest memory of Thanksgiving is of the meal we never had.  We were spoiled for years, still are, and I am thankful for all those meals you put together and how you pulled it off I will never know.  I love you...