It's true...I'm not a comedian but sometimes life is just funny if you let it.  I set out to find out how normal I really was because honestly, I'm not normal and I know there are many of you rowing the same boat and it makes me feel better by asking abnormal questions on my K99 FB fan page.  Like the nastiest food combinations you all actually eat.  Ranch dressing on your spaghetti?  Really?

So, what are the nastiest food combinations you all just love more than anything.  Here is a sampling of some answers on my K99 FB Fan Page.  Please feel free to leave your nasty favorites on the comments section below or if you haven't already, buzz on over to my K99 Fan Page, like it, and join the daily fun there.

  • Mariana Markheim: I like to mix 2/3 beer with 1/3 coke. We call it a diesel in germany- let it sit too long and you'll know why.  My son Derek used to put ketchup on his peaches
  • Gerald Gabriel: I used to eat sour cream w/ sugar as dessert. Gives me the chills to think of it now.  I have a cousin that puts ranch dressing in iced tea.
  • Debi Triplett: Favorite weird food combos: Popcorn with mustard, radish sandwiches - bread, butter, and sliced radishes, peanut butter melted in a mug of hot chocolate.
  • Eric Hatch spaghetti with ranch dressing
  • Shari Stroup: Blue cheese salad dressing on mash potatoes!
  • Randy King: Our 4 H club (back in Iowa) used to run the soda concessions at the fair. We made suicide sodas. Squirt of ketchup, orange, pepsi and mountain dew pop.