Sold OUT!  Luke Bryan tomorrow night at the Greeley Stampede and it's gonna be a great show no doubt!  Song writer, singer, guitar player and all around genuine musician.  If you have a ticket your one of the lucky ones.

The first two Luke Bryan CD's in 2007 and 2009 went #2 on the Country charts so it was no surprise to many when 'Tailgates and Tanlines' debuted at #1 in 2011.  3 #1 singles doesn't hurt either and his latest, 'I don't want this night to end' that Luke co-wrote was also co-written by new comer Rhett Akins. {That ain't my truck}

Today's vid features a tune from the first CD, 'I'll Stay Me" which only reached #33 on the charts which surprised me and maybe you as well because why it wasn't in the top 10 is beyond me.  Maybe someone can let me know.