I have been in radio for many years and all across the country when radio was old school man and we did it all.  Now on Friday, the boss is letting me go old school.

The whole idea of my 'Friday Free For All' was honestly my chance to take my show on Friday back into my own hands like it used to be back in the old days.  I started radio, on air, in 1977 and many stations I worked for you 'pulled' your own show, meaning you took the playlist from the jock in front of you and went back to the library and pulled your show. I would write down everything I played over a 5 hour shift and the next guy coming in would do the same etc.  We controlled our own destiny and in the big markets, you were hired and fired based on your show.  Ratings up you got a bonus and ratings down was a warning and twice was a bring your playbook meeting.

Anyway, those days are long gone.  I have argued with consultants for two decades now and what they think people in our market want to hear based on what is working in another market.  Most of the requests I get are songs we don't play on the radio anymore.  Might be a new band or an old classic...the song has been retired and you'll never hear it again; new or old.  So this whole idea I pitched was based on trust...and I am grateful for a boss that does.

So, on Friday, I have full reign over my show to play what I see fit without being fired or losing fingers. It's always better to beg for forgiveness in this business then to ask for permission. I love it...most anything goes and usually does and all you have to do is call me at 800-500-2599 between 3-7 on Friday and suggest your Friday Free For All tune.