It's been awhile since I have had one of those 'awkward' moments. In fact, I honestly can't think of the last time I made myself look like an idiot without even trying.

I know many will debate my opening statement of making myself look like an idiot, as I probably do it everyday.  But we all have those moments when we all have to own our dumbness.  Like in basketball when you get called on a blatant foul and you raise your hand in an honorary, "My Bad."

I raised my hand today...twice!

Charley Barnes, TSM

We have all seen the big neon yellow signs that say STOP when pedestrians are present.  Today I had to go to the PO but I hate stopping traffic so I just hang out and wait and then cross.  Truth is, more times than not no one stops anyway.

So on the way back I did my slow walk up and hung out back from the crosswalk while texting.  Next thing I hear is a 'beep beep' and when I look up, a dozen plus cars from both directions are stopped waiting for me to cross.

Yup, I raised up my arm with a "My Bad" and off across the street I went while everyone said, "Hey, look at that idiot who can't read."  So I thought, hey I will write up a story today on my incident and the signs that no one ever stops for.

I went back as far as I could by The Duke and as I brushed against a car to get the picture, the couple INSIDE the car started it as a clue for me to MOVE.  Yup, raised my hand with a "My Bad."  So I moved up to get the close up pic and in the viewfinder who do I see stopping traffic thinking I am wanting to cross the street?

Windsor PD.  Yup, raised my hand and motioned for everyone to continue.  The way my luck had been going in that past 10 minutes I am surprised I didn't get a ticket for "impeding traffic" or "vagrancy" or something like that.  Hmmm, I guess that was three, not two "awkward' moments.

So what is your embarrassing moment that you will own up to?  Feel free to share your misery and we promise to not mock or make fun of you.