They are everywhere this time of year. Boxes of chocolates here and boxes of chocolates there. You could eat them in a box you could eat them with a fox. You could eat them in your car; you could eat them near and far. But there is always that ONE that no one will eat.

Let's face it. On most occasions when someone brings in the chocolates it's like a sugar massacre and most times you have to watch your fingers and keep a doctor on call just in case of broken limbs.

We are kind of like Chocolate Piranha's around Christmas when it comes right down to it.  Case in point is my buddy EJ Barrett when he asked his wife Julie how long does it take the brownies to cool down and she replied with, "What do you mean?"

Be honest, have some fun and tell us what your least favorite Chocolate is in that office box of Chocolate.  I have also opened the poll to show results and add comments if you like to make it fun.

Merry Christmas Everyone