Here we go, another year and more trips to Topeka Kansas to remind the members of the Wetburro Baptist Cult they are not appreciated.  I find no greater pleasure than doing what members of Journey 4 Justice do and if you too would like to experience what it's like to legally spit in the face of America's Most Hated Family then perhaps you should plan a trip to Topeka this Summer.?

It's a known fact that when our birthday comes around we get to do whatever we want to do with everyone's blessings.  We can do anything we want.

Journey 4 Justice

So I am going to do something I love to do more than about anything and that is take a bike trip out to Topeka to make the lives of the wetburro baptist church a living hell as much as humanly possible.

Sound fun?  For those of you still intimidated by the fact they are lawyers, who cares!  (I stand on their law firm sidewalk too.) What we do is 100% legal and they know it and so does the Topeka Police Department which makes it even more fun when the TPD shows up to answer a bogus complaint or two.  We have been doing this how long now and no one has ever been arrested or cited for anything because there isn't anything to arrest or cite us/you for.  Just because the wbc thinks holding an American Flag on a public sidewalk is illegal, it's not, and we have proved them wrong hundreds of times.

Are you an American?  Do you despise the WBC?  Do you love the American flag and all she stands for? Then take a stand yourself and plan a trip this Summer on behalf of Journey 4 Justice.

If you want to ride out with me and some members of the Colorado 1, Colorado 7 and Ohio 1 teams in April then start to plan accordingly.  Here is the public itinerary so if you are serious about the April trip email me.

  • Depart Friday April 12 - 0400 hours
  • Arrive Topeka Friday April 12 - 1600 hours
  • Depart Topeka Sunday April 14 - 1000 hours
  • Arrive Home Sunday April 14 - 2100 hours

I don't know about you but I get tired of sitting around hoping someone else will take on the problems that affect me so I do something about them myself and you should as well.  If something bothers you, fix it.  If you are content to sit on your couch then who am I to argue. But if you have the passion to get out and try and do something, this is one of those chances.  And it may not be the wbc that bothers you and that's OK.  The point being take a stand for something that matters to you and stop hoping someone else will take care of it for you.