Charley Barnes is not only the best broadcaster I have ever worked with, the best friend a man could have but one of the most patriotic Americans on this earth. His respect and love of our vets is so inspiring. I love this man.

Tomorrow Charley will start his quest to ride 10,000 in 10 days to raise money for Honor Flight. They take vets to the memorials that are built to honor them. Many will never get to take that trip and Charley won't stand for that. It takes about a $1000 to send a vet on the trip. Charley is taking pledges of a dollar per mile from folks to send as many vets as he can. He has raised well over $20k so far and at least 20 vets will benefit from his work. Many more can be honored with this trip as well if you donate today. There is a link at at the bottom of this page to make your pledge. What I am also asking for is for you to write a word or two of encouragement to Charley in the comments section below. Charley would love to hear from you and your words of support and gratitude will help Charley along his ride. Let him know how much you appreciate and respect what he is doing. Good luck brother. Ride safe, ride proud and ride for us. We love you Charley.