I have no more respect than I do for those who served in Vietnam; for many reasons. They are all hero's on my book when you talk to most of the Vietnam Vets, the last thing they think of themselves as are hero's and Army SP4 George Elliott is no different.

Let me start by saying that I am going to expand this feature into anyone who wants to honor a Military hero in their life. I had hoped many would want to share the stories of their family members but today's piece is the last of what I have had submitted.  I know many of you have a family member in your life who served our country that your proud of from 100 years old down to 18.  We would like to hear their stories... By the way, if you know a military vet in need of help due to the difficulties experienced by many retired vets, look to Make the Connection for ways to get help.

Today's story comes to us from Amy Elliott about her Father who served in Vietnam...

SP4 George Elliott was a good old southern boy; his roots began in Alabama, to Way Cross, GA, and to Los Angeles, CA as a teen. He has been many places, and done many things that bring him joy. He is and will always be a hero to his family and this is just their way of thanking him for his service to our GREAT NATION.

Amy tells me her Father is the least boastful man you will ever meet and in fact he hardly will even speak of Vietnam, and he does not view himself a hero at all. In his mind, he was given a gun and if he did not shoot and kill, he would be shot and killed. It was just that simple.

Amy Elliot

It does take courage, and the ability to be bigger than your fears to make multiple trips under heavy mortar, rocket and small arms fire. And more than that, he was not doing that for himself, he was doing that for all those men there fighting with him.

Its hard to tell someone how proud you are of them, and how you respect them for an event they cannot acknowledge as heroism themselves. But I think that is part of what makes him so special too.

What he does not realize, is what anyone would get from this letter describing his actions that day in the Republic of Vietnam. I have included the official letter when he received his Bronze Star with Valor in Vietnam; the feature photo on this piece is him receiving the medal.

I am a patriot, a lover of this United States of America. My greatest joy will be the day I can look my father in the eyes and thank him for his service and sacrifice. When I meet anyone that has served or does serve in our military, or serves with our police and fire forces, I make a point to thank them sincerely for their service and sacrifice as well. Its as selfless as a person can get to serve others. We all owe them our respect and our gratitude!

Thank You Soldier – U.S. Army SP4 George Elliott

George Elliott (Amy Elliott)

If you would like to honor your hero, please send all pertinent information as to why they are your hero, accomplishments and/or accolades etc and I will need at least one picture though you are welcome to send as many as you like. For questions or to submit your hero please email me directly:  charley@k99.com