This is the 2nd week of a new feature I am going to do each and every Friday. I will feature a local hero that you, the reader, have submitted as the hero in your life.  If you would like to submit a military hero in your life, there is detailed information at the end of this story on how you can do that.

Sgt Jason Wilkinson

Sgt Jason Wilkinson is many things to many people and has influenced lives at home and abroad. Donna Darling who nominated this soldier said he is much more than just family but a role model to many.

When Jason got out of High School his interest was not "sewing his oats" but rather to serve his country the best way he know how, so he enlisted in the United States Army and currently has 2 deployments under his belt.

A seasoned combat vet before he could even enter a bar.

We all know these men and women do what they do for the love of their country; medals and notoriety don't really matter that much to them.  What's important to them is staying alive and helping to keep those around them alive as well as they protect the freedoms of our great nation.

But if we were keeping track on medals, ribbons, badges etc. this warrior would be proud, and I'm sure he is, but not because of any shiny medal.

Here are a list of Sgt Wilkinson’s accomplishments:


  • 2 Army Accommodation Medals
  • 1 Army Achievement Medal
  • 1 Good Conduct Medal
  • 1 National Defense Service Medal
  • 1 Korean Defense Service Medal
  • 2 Afghan Campaign Medals
  • 1 Global War on Terrorism Medal
  • 1 Army Service Ribbon
  • 3 Oversea Ribbons
  • 1 NATO Ribbon
  • 1 CAB
  • 1 Expert Driver Badge
  • 1 Expert Marksmanship Badge.

So far Sgt Jason Wilkinson has served almost 5 years in the Army and is now getting ready to deploy for his 3rd tour in Afghanistan at the age of 24.

If you would like to honor your hero, please send all pertinent information as to why they are your hero, accomplishments and/or accolades etc and I will need at least one picture though you are welcome to send as many as you like. For questions or to submit your hero please email me directly: