Were you one of those kids?  The one who just couldn't wait till Christmas, so you didn't. Like a 7 year old can 're-wrap' without it being noticed.  Ya, like we had the skill Mom had when it came to wrapping.  Who knew?

So I was actually busted twice on this deal...once wasn't really my fault though.

The first time I 'snooped' I found an unwrapped box under my parents bed so what else is a kid supposed to do but look.  In the box was my worst nightmare; a shirt!  Listen, when your 7, the last thing you want is a shirt.

So I forgot all about it till Christmas morning when I opened it and what comes out of my mouth?  "Oh man, it's that shirt."  My Mom looked right at me and said, "Now why would you say that like you have already seen it?"

I will never forget that look.

Then there was the next year I went snooping on Christmas Eve to see if Santa had come yet.  A brother of mine was sleeping on the couch so I tiptoed the best I could till I heard a CRUNCH.  Ya, I stepped right on a package and broke what was inside. (Don't even remember what it was now...only how scared I was.)  I was so petrified I didn't sleep the rest of the night.

The next morning the 'adults' knew exactly what had happened and ribbed my brother for sleeping so heavy and knowing nothing.  Everyone giggled and I couldn't believe I had stressed for nothing.  But at 7 or 8, who knew?

What are your favorite stories of your childhood or things your kids have done.  Leave those comments and have fun with it.