What a great Christmas.  Kids were happy, the girlfriend was happy and the fact that everyone was happy made me happy.  I like when everyone is happy but this year was an especially happy year and I put into motion an 8-month plan that culminated on Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day I posted a story about my 2012 and my Christmas wish for all of you and actually eluded to my Christmas Day plans for my family.  Did you spot the reference?

As far as proposals go, it was nothing earth shattering, or original, but it was special.  All my kids knew what was up so when we pulled out the "one more gift to open" trick it was heartwarming to see their eyes as they knew what was about to happen.

Yes, the kids were all in on it and right there front and center when I popped that infamous question:  What's for dinner?


I thought it was very important to have all our children present since this union and relationship is about much more than just Lesli and I. This is about uniting two families into one and nurturing a family and not just a relationship. It's about learning, sharing, crying and teaching each other as a family.

So, I wanted all kids present and accounted for so they would know that this was about them just as much as it was about Lesli and I.

She said YES and we're planning a late July ceremony that will be off the hook and one for the books.