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Impeachable Crime Masquerading As Scandal

Politicians lie. Rhetorical lie-fests are how this administration in particular controls the message. Deception is the base nature of the political beast. Innuendo is the game politicians play. Politicians employ various agent provocateurs (aka liars) to muddy the waters and rile dissidents and when that mission is accomplished, promote the best and most loyal liars to seats of power. When one topic gets too hot, politicians simply create a new distraction. More often than not, this tactic is successful in the USA because main-stream America has the attention span of a two year old. Happily complicit in delivering the hype is a goon-squad of scandal hungry propagandists – oops - I mean journalists.

Have you noticed? The word scandal dominates recent headlines. According to old school journalists, we are in the midst of multiple Obama mini-scandals that hardly qualify as such if compared to past presidential scandals. Benghazi cannot possibly compare to Watergate, Iran-Contra or Abu Ghraib snorts Tom Brokaw. Is it possible Brokaw simply does not recall all those scandals resulted in serious consequences for the people involved? Nixon resigned because of Watergate. Several Reagan administration careers went up in flames as a result of Iran-Contra. Soldiers paid the price for Abu Ghraib. Exactly what penalty has any Obama-liar paid in recent scandals other than perhaps a little job-geography? Liar Susan Rice’s recent appointment to the NSA is hardly a demotion and Samantha (Israel Beware!) Power (aka Mrs. Cass “Spooky” Sunstein) has got to be the world’s worst choice for an ambassador.

What is scandal really but a warm fuzzy, if a bit naughty version of a Clintonesque getting-caught-with-your-pants-down lie? Scandal, in today’s terminology means something mildly akin to the drama-driven hanky-panky created on reality show TV.

In the real world scandal is disgraceful and socially unacceptable behavior. Scandal, in the case of the Clinton/Lewinsky episode had little to do with politics and more to do with inappropriately frisky and all-too-human sexual self-indulgence. Clinton’s scandal was a disgrace upon the oval office and a blotch on the face of the nation’s leadership. Scandal, in case after case related to the Obama administration has more to do with a perversion of politics, obstruction of justice, outright defiance of the law, and a complete and utter disregard for the truth – no sex-on-the-desk required – yet. Obama’s scandals and those related to Obama’s administration are blatant abuses of power and colossal negligence which have resulted in multiple deaths and continue to endanger the rights, liberties, security and well-being of countless Americans.


The wimpy word scandal, which held up fairly well under the weight of Lewinsky’s blue dress cannot possibly hold up under the weight of the Obama administration’s numerous infractions. The word that should be bandied about in reference to current White House debacles like Benghazi, IRS, AP, DOJ, and NSA (just to name a few) is not scandalous – the word is traitorous and in some instances treasonous. The all-encompassing word is CRIME.

We should demand the truth. We should reject the message of the rhetoric. We should require accountability. We should scorn deniability. We may be stuck with a contemptuous liar-in-chief but the man should have the gumption to own it. What is wrong with this scenario is instead of this administration finding productive solutions for real problems like jobs, the economy, education, the deficit, the security of our borders and the preservation of our founding principles – lawmakers and the people are battling the intentionally disruptive and obstructive influence of government intervention in every aspect of their lives.

Another word seeing a lot of usage since Obama took office is: impeach. Several incidents, happening under Obama’s watch are arguably impeachable offenses. Even though we have done so in the past for far less serious offenses, a call for Obama’s impeachment is absurdly naïve. A call for Obama’s resignation is more appropriate. Neither is likely to happen. Obama’s ego alone will never allow him to admit culpability in any offense no matter the risk to the country’s welfare. Plus, there are idolizers aplenty willing to take a fall for him. What the country is experiencing because of one huge distraction after another is a complete and rather frustrating government meltdown. In other words, the government is not functioning properly and likely never will again. Caliginous chaos reigns. Stalemate is the status quo until the power shifts one way or the other in 2014 and 2016. Nothing will relieve agenda-driven gridlock so stand by for more push and shove headlines and more government-initiated crimes masquerading as scandals.

Short of catastrophic happenstance there is no cure for a government this far out of control. Many journalists, bloggers and pundits expound upon the inept, naïve and dysfunctional aspects of Obama and this administration. Some claim in terms I would rather avoid that Obama’s disastrous presidency is due to a lack of intelligence and experience. This is a dangerously dismissive underestimation of a notorious power-mongering-control-freak. The problem with Obama can be more correctly attributed to a maligned deficit of intellect and power-perverted reason.


We have a president and most of his administrative chiefs guilty by association or by direct means of numerous crimes including perpetrating one giant fraud after another upon the American people. There is more than one case to be made for severe censure if not impeachment. I do not see the former as an effective corrective measure or the latter as a viable solution for what most fail to recognize as unacceptable.

Why not impeachment you ask?

Short Answer: Consider the unintended consequence of Obama’s impeachment – BIDEN at the helm. I guess that answers the “why him” question – huh?

Obama is smarter and far more devious than anyone cares to believe... unchecked and systematic deception-powered destruction by design is the real scandal.

‘Nuff said.

Vickie Downing is a geographically challenged Texan now living in Fort Collins – She loves books and rides on the Harley.  Her support for our Veterans and the Military goes above and beyond and she bleeds red-white and blue everyday. Check back next week for another topical view of the world today.

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