So what if the Mayan's were onto something.  What if the world ends on the 21st.  Then what?  To play it safe I have condensed my 'bucket list' to something more manageable and realistic.


I'll start by saving a ton of money and scratching the Christmas presents this year.

What's the point?

We will have been dead for several days when Christmas morning rolls around.

I mean Hostess goes bankrupt leaving us without Twinkies and the first day of Winter is on the 22nd; well played Mayan's...well played indeed.

So my original bucket list that consisted of various things like climbing Mt Everest, living with a lost tribe in Africa, killing a Grizzly Bear with my bare hands, hanging with Mountain Gorilla's and swimming with a Great White is out and I have since focused on a more realistic bucket list for the next 16 days:


  • Get a full nights sleep
  • Eat some food
  • Ride my motorcycle
  • Drink some beer
Sounds like what I am already doing! What's the point...those crazy Mayan's. Getting everyone all worked up.  We should all stay up and party like it's 1999 on the 21st and just blow off New Years Eve if we're all still around.  I just lol'd...


I need a beer...and a steak!