6/8/14 @ 10 am

Charley drove through Texas yesterday and drove into Louisiana today. He is currently in New Orleans.  We are so proud of Charley and his dedication to Honor Flight!

Giving you a quick update on Charley's 10,000 miles in 10 days endurance ride for Honor Flight. Charley left the Canadian border yesterday morning about 7 am and made it all the way to the Mexican border in less than 24 hours. He nailed it!! He turned off his bike to have them do the border search and then the bike would not run. It ran for 24 hours and now is, for the moment, dead. He is on the Mexican side of the border trying to get some oil in it and hoping it will come back to life so he can roll to San Diego and get some much needed rest. He was so jacked to have made it in the time frame and then heartbroken that the bike is sleeping.

I will keep you updated as I can. Keep Charley in your thoughts and let's hope he gets it up rolling in no time. The great news is that he is safe and ready roll but is very tired right now. We are all sending good vibes your way brother.

UPDATE...Charley got the bike back on the road after a short situation at the border and is now in San Diego and getting some much needed rest. He will be back on the road this evening. I will update as new info comes in.