Have you ever faced something so scary it prevented you from doing it? Like for decades?  Did you overcome that fear?  I did too...it's not that scary!

Those of us who smoke have tried to quit at least once; or a dozen times.  It is truly the hardest thing to do for a true smoker. I have tried numerous times and every time I have been more than ready to quit, or so I thought.  We always hear that, "You have to be ready."

Thought I was, but I wasn't till a week ago.

I woke up last Wednesday morning and realized how stupidly insane it was to keep buying a product that completely and totally controlled my damn life.  So it all hit home when I realized I was actually PAYING someone to potentially kill me.  Ya, spending my hard earned money on the most deadly substance known to mankind.

Why are cigarettes legal anyway?  The deadliest substance known to mankind...made by man. Sure, makes perfect sense.

Those of you who don't smoke don't care and you shouldn't.  Those who smoke know how difficult it is and this is the first time since I was 16 years old that I have gone longer than 24 hours without a cigarette and to be honest, I don't even miss them.  I am in a better mood today then I was as a smoker.

It's true...when you are ready to quit, you will and you'll enjoy doing it.  Everyday is another day I prove to myself it's possible and it just keeps getting easier.  I also put $8 in my savings account every single day for more motivation.  (I have spent over $70,000 the past 35 years.)

Today is 8 straight days without even looking at a cigarette and yes, it's the scariest thing I have ever done and it has also made me stronger than I ever thought possible.  World, look out, I have proved to myself that I can truly do anything I want.